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Guangzhou Trade Co Ltd America Gift Set is a gift the design, production, gift packaging, sales agents into an integrated enterprise services. For middle-grade souvenirs; Advertisement gifts; Electronic products; Business gifts; Technology gifts; Remarkably; Office gifts; Cultural gifts; Watches gifts; Celebrations gift; Show gifts; All kinds of beautiful calendars, desk and so on. Companies can also request you by the production of various gifts.

The company is headquartered in Guangzhou Tianhe District Huajing Road,Building130, in Hong Kong and Shenzhen has two offices, and factories have produced production. Company plants were located in Guangzhou City Wo industrial town of Green Lake area, covering 3,000 square meters, mainly equipment : four-color offset printing press outside Japan off four-color Komori, Germany-automatic folding machine, binding machines, screen printing machine, mold processing compressor, injection molding machines, assembly and spraying equipment. After another accumulation and development on 1,000 manufacturers vendors are close relations of cooperation. I guarantee the company's products at competitive prices, abundant supply of species diversity, prompt delivery of a marketing system.

Since its establishment, always adhere to our own research and development, design management concept, fully personalized to meet customer needs and to provide customers with quality products and services, has won the majority of customer support and trust. I long service companies in the "China Mobile, Bank of China, China Telecom, China Netcom, TCL, Konka, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Xin Group" and other major companies. These customers as a gift a long time provider, we always provide fast, quality, convenience, good service and competitive prices, and with the client to establish mutual trust and friendly cooperative relations, by helping customers carefully zoned strategy for the clients successfully held a variety of business activities and Marketing activities icing on the cake. But we have acquired a lot of valuable experience will strictly comply with the big brand clients procurement-related gift selection, quality, technology, distribution and other international program operation.

Companies and organizations :
Company Headquarters Address : Guangzhou Tianhe District HuaJing  Road, Building 130, Tel : 020-38788936
Office Address : US-Philippine soil Road 40 the United States and China building two C; Tel : 852-25596094
Shenzhen Office Address : Futian District of Shenzhen Hongli West First World Plaza, Block B, 19A Tel : 0755-82968938
Production Factory : Baiyun District of Guangzhou City Wo both industrial town of Green Lake area too Tin Street on the 3rd plant Tel : 020-83616998
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